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Guangzhou Nanya pulp molding equipment Co. Ltd. is the largest domesticspecialized pulp molding equipment R & D and manufacturing factory.

Company digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, combined with domestic experience, developed in 1994 made the first domestic pulp molding packaging products production line; over the years the company is committed to the pulp molding the development of environmental protection, in-depth study of pulp molding equipment, mold development, product technology field, has introduced anew high-tech products, leading the industry development and progress; products areappreciated by the majority of users, market share continue to improve; become thestrongest comprehensive strength of pulp molding equipment and products manufacturing company.

Molded pulp Equipment Manufacturing Company in two OOO first by China packaging Certification Committee for quality system certification and product certification"double certification", the quality of the products get the authority of the Department ofexamination and approval, is the first through the "double certification" of the enterprise in domestic counterparts. The company is the national food and PackagingTechnology Association vice president of molded pulp branch, Guangdong Province Packaging Technology Association executive director units. The size of the company,technical strength, production capability, service capability are in the industry leading level.

At present, the company has a professional research institutions, a large equipment manufacturing factory, mold machining center a; direct support for large-scaleproducts manufacturing plant three. Are engaged in research and development of pulp molding technology, pulp molding equipment manufacturing, mold design and processing, paper production and the occasional technical support and service.Service in Guangzhou, Zhejiang, Tianjin, Qingdao etc..

Guangzhou is located in the pulp molding Equipment Manufacturing Company has more than 10 years of plant history, the existing factory covers an area of 30000 square meters, plant area of 20000 square meters. The company has a number of advanced production and testing equipment, provides a strong fundamental guarantee for the quality of the products. Company existing staff 500 people,including a large number of long-term engaged in mechanical, thermal, papermaking,automation control, mold and other professional work of the senior engineer,engineers, professional and technical personnel; excellent staff team is "a powerful weapon to South Asia" enterprise winning.

South Asia Corporation under the enterprise "Nanya bo'en boiler Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.", the specialized R & D and manufacturing of boiler, heat, drying equipment, drying equipment with heat more than ten years of rich experience in manufacturing, fuel, coal, firewood combustion drying equipment, electric heating and other forms of customer. Crawler drying line, coal (coal) hot stove, van oast, tunnel drying kiln and other forms, which can meet the requirements of various productsdrying. According to the requirement of the customer, can be specially designed fordrying scheme.

The company continued to strengthen quality management, the implementation of ISO9001 international quality standards, the company adhere to the "management as the root, the quality for this, innovation, service" principle, adhere to the strictmanagement, the principles of simplicity and efficiency, strengthen site management,improve the quality of management level, the development of new technology and new products, adhere to service-oriented routes, become an independent school in the fierce market competition, rapid development.

Looking to the future, the company will be sustained and stable development of South Asia, industrial pattern formation of industrial diversification, the development of large-scale, specialized operation, business area of. Has a strong technical force andobvious enterprise core competitive advantages, and to the worldwide famous molded pulp supplier development. We will lead the pulp molding industry to technology,scale, realize the healthy and orderly competition, healthy development.

We firmly believe that, South Asia Ltd. is your trustworthy pulp molding equipmentsuppliers, will be your most trusted partner, we always keep an eye on your success!

South Asia, molded pulp project to provide the best solution for you.


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