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Guangzhou NANYA Pulp Molding Equipment Company is a group company professional at pulp molding developing and manufacturing. It's the first and the  biggest enterprise that make pulp molding equipments in China.

Since 1994, the company has devoted itself to the development of paper pulp molding industry for many years. Establis  special research center, cooperate     with the university, we gained rich experiences and most advanced technology for    pulp molding.

Our company has gained ISO9001 certificateds and CE Marking. With advanced technology, excellent quality, satisfying after-sales service and competitive    price, we gained more and more customers all over the world, and got good reputations from customers.

The scale,technology,capacity of produce and service of the company all hold a safe lead.Became an important international supplier in the pulp molding           
industry. Now the company contains an organization on specialized scientificresearch, a great equipment manufacturing factory, a mold processing center and 3factories supporting the great manufacturing. They engage in the research of pulp mold technology,pulp mold equipment manufacturing, mold design and 
processing, paper produts manufacturing and all the technology support and service.

What we want to do and what we are doing, is do our best to extend application range of pulp molding products, and promote the environmental protection.

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