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product name: Fully Automatic Machine for Paper Pulp Molding Tableware

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   Fully Automatic Machine for Pulp Molding Tableware 


It’s mainly used for high quality pulp molded products.  Such as dishware, artware, disposable medical care products, high quality industrial package.This type of production line is constituted by a hydrapulper system, a fully automatic thermoforming machine(forming/drying/pressing integrative machine), and corollary equipments. The raw material is white paper pulp, sugarcan bagasse plate pulp or other kind of pulp...

Schematic diagram of fully automatic tableware production line

Basic specification 

Model Capacity Main machine type &quantity Heating method Workshop suggestion Power installation worker requirement
TA-01 1500 YC031 or YC040
--2 set
Electricity 200 150 3
TA-02 3000 YC031 or YC040
--2 sets
Electricity 300 250 4
TA-05 7000 YC031 or YC040
--5 sets
Conduction oil 600 220 6
TA-10 14000 YC031 or YC040
--10 sets
1000 400 8

Capacity is calculated base on 8'' round dish
For different capacity,customized allocation according to clients' requirement is available.
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